New Creation I went to many places, I fell in love and I wanted to take them with me. I bought some keychains to make a necklace and keep those places close to my heart. So now I have Spain, Portugal, and France forever and they’re pretty. This is fashion with a little more soul. […]

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Space Luggage

They say the sky is the limit. I say it’s beyond. Especially when you have the right bag. Most luggage are pretty boring, so I wanted something more, and I created it. Buzz Lightyear might have to do something with it, or not. I wanted really strong silver paint but it’s really hard to find, […]

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Mini Collection

-Blossom- Pieces made by me and styled up by me. This is a H&M masculine shirt, size M exactly, cause I wanted it to be like a dress, on me of course, cause I’m tiny. I chose a palette of colors: silver, cerulean, white and orange. I made each flower from a silver fabric, inspired […]

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