Classy Witch Collection 2019

Fall – Winter Mi primera colección presentada en el evento del 1er Aniversario de Morelia Culture, y no podría ser más feliz. Es un sueño hecho realidad, y agradezco a todos los que me apoyaron, a todas las modelos y a los organizadores del evento, así como mis amigos que siempre estuvieron dispuestos. La colección […]

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Back to 2015

This was when I had my first fashion blog in collaboration with my best friend, it was named “Two’s a Crowd” (We were two, obviously) , we did street style, and studio shootings. Anyway it ended because he went to another city 😥 I miss those times! So skinny as well!

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No controles mis vestidos ll

No controles mi forma de vestir Porque es total. Another empowerment post…This is really not about feminism, it’s about respect. It is about wearing whatever you want to wear, BE whatever you want to be without being judged. I am often judged by my outfits and style, here and across the globe, you know – […]

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💕Happy blog anniversary 💕

💕Happy blog anniversary💕A year ago I started this project being about art fashion and soul expression through fashion. I was feeling very depressed and I’m very happy to say that that is no longer a problem in my life. Through my blog I started to discover many things about myself and all the great things […]

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