No controles mis vestidos ll

No controles mi forma de vestir

Porque es total.

Another empowerment post…This is really not about feminism, it’s about respect. It is about wearing whatever you want to wear, BE whatever you want to be without being judged. I am often judged by my outfits and style, here and across the globe, you know – humans -…And so whatever, I dress for myself, because it means to create something different each day and creativity is always grand.

So be edgy, be punk, be minimal, be Moschino, be Dior, be grand, be a canvas, be whatever you want to be, and just shine.

Maybe even dance too! In the end, it is about all the fun you can have! Maybe don’t be THIS happy, it can make you look, idk, too damn happy. Yes try meditation, that too. It’s my new beauty secret.

Also I am selling this outfit after this, because I’m broooke, so this is also a goodbye post. Thank you and I will miss you, you silky pastel slutty and sweet tiny dress. Bought @ Nasty Gal before it was cheap and ugly. Ugh! Sad. Where are you now Sophia?!

P.S. I need a hair stylist!

This was a really hard shooting, the motherfuckin sun, and if you’ve ever laid on grass, you know what I mean when my back’s still itching after 5 hours. These are the things that nobody tells you! Seriously, don’t try it at home, or anywhere! Grass can be evil.

Steve Madden shoes, yes they’re gorg and painful too, I’m not sure they’re worth the pain! They’ve also become cheap & ugly, what can I say? this is 2019.

Do not judge my blur either! I was feeling lazy, since I had to take the pictures between different hours of the day because of the sun. I had just taken a nap, lol, can you tell by that hair? Anyway, it’s cute.

Photography: Me

Styling: Me

Model: Me

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