Fashion is art

I made this t-shirt. When I saw this painting (“Saturno devorando a su hijo”, Goya) at Museo del Prado, I thought it was the worst thing I’d ever seen, it is the most grotesque image. But somehow it got stuck in my mind. It is exactly what I feel when I see a fashion collection by McQueen, Margiela or Gaultier, maybe Commes des Garçons. It becomes something more. You can see what’s beyond of it. The true meaning of life, if you must, pictured in different forms and that is art.

So when we talk about fashion, does it make you feel things, great things? Does it transforms you inside? Do you feel powerful? Do you connect with the universe? That is art. Fashion is even greater than art, coming from me, an artist, my eyes are amazed by all you can create with textures, materials, forms, on a body. You can do whatever you can imagine and there are no limits. Fashion is mesmerizing.

And now if you mix fashion and art, it’s gonna blow your mind. This t-shirt is a very strong fashion statement when you analyze it. Make it pop art, make it fashion. It troubles you in a beautiful way. Just like McQueen or the others above. So I chose strong colors, to represent all this, neon heels because Spring, accessories like a royal, red lips because I am a strong woman. What does it make you feel?

I feel dressed by Patricia Field, except it was me.
Zara neon shoes & necklace, T-Shirt Mariori Macouzet, Forever 21 eyewear.
Painting “Saturno devorando a su hijo” by Goya.

Maybe my first collection will be about the black paintings of Goya, maybe he should’ve been a fashion designer.

Photography: Me.

Styling: Me.

Model: Me.

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