Barcelona, the city of everything.

This is the door of the largest H&M store. I am wearing a puffy jacket of Zara Kids, can you believe? & retro Reebok sneakers because what else there is? It was very very cold, but I still tried to keep the glamour.

Not the best place for fashion, I gotta say, but sometimes you might find lovely people with lovely clothes.
Love is also around.
And you know…Park Güell it’s a must. Very windy as you can see! Still styled it up with heart Zara earrings. Fur coat by Zara. Very vintage!
Very neat picture, did you notice my YSL bag? Well…yes it’s a copy, I wish it wasn’t but that is all I can afford right now. Still happy though.


The lovely town where Dalí lived.

You can visit Dali’s home and have a lovely meal anywhere around the sea. Can it be more poetic than that?!

I didn’t have my best clothes but I styled it up with some hearts in my cheeks. Why? Because that’s what Dalí does to you!!

I mean…look at his real flowers blazer. I must have one of those for every day of the year!

San Sebastián

A lot to say about this city!!! Definitely must visit.

Sunsets are the best here.


Well you know…A great city. I wanted to stay.

Artista Cid de Diego, “Torero”. How wonderful to have it in my closet. Yes I would wear it!
Everywhere you go, you must shine, show your soul.

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