Be a poem


Honestly, I was in a hurry, I couldn’t take these pictures with the precision I wanted. Which is why some of them are blurry. But I find them very spontaneous, what makes them beautiful after all.

I love the way textures combine. Lace is an unexpected detail. I love the contrast between effortless and elegant. Heels are the spark of this outfit. I guess I was feeling very wabi-sabi.

Space and color are a key.

If you can visualize my panties, they’re not a mistake. It was an animal print bikini from H&M, which is another surprise in between the colors and textures.


Belt is made by me (Mariori Macouzet), from my mini collection Blossom. Stripped shirt from H&M. Slip dress from Topshop. Heels & earrings from Sfera.

Photgraphy: Me. Taken at The Riviera Maya, Fairmont Hotel.

Model: Me.

Styling: Me.

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