A fashion blogger’s nightmare

I am traveling, and I stupidly forgot my whole suitcase at home, and all I have is my bag of shoes. No make up, no toothbrush, no underwear, no nothing, except for my shoes and my camera, of course.


It’s a tragedy but fun at the same time, so I decided to make a post about it. Do I not look happy?

Well, it’s definitely an any fashion blogger’s nightmare. Specially because my whole collection that I’ve been working on is in that suitcase, and I came here with denim, and that is like fashion suicide. I’m planning on burning it when the trip ends. Too much? I’m guessing the universe didn’t want me to have them today, so maybe I could enjoy more than just clothes.

Fine!! I already looked at the stars, but I still see a dress I could make with them.

Anyway it will get here tomorrow!! Not to worry, but right now it’s such an irony.

Also this bathrobe is like a house for me, or it could be an ugly wedding dress for my none-ever-wedding. Cause I’m definitely staying at a Honeymooners kind of Hotel, but alone. God. That’s drepessing, but at least I have the company of my shoes, right?


This Hotel is way much more than I expected, I’m amazed.

Must visit:

Fairmont – Mayakoba – Rivera Maya

For the record…This ISO is also a nightmare. Sorry about that.

…Wait…My nails are on point. Now I can sleep peacefully.

Night, x.

Inspiration: Sophia Coppola.

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