Object Of Desire

Craving that new scream. Lusting more than just old dreams. This Versace bag is everything I ever wanted. Zara ankle boots & Hat. Target blazer. Photography: Me Model: Me Styling: Me

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Be a poem

Honestly, I was in a hurry, I couldn’t take these pictures with the precision I wanted. Which is why some of them are blurry. But I find them very spontaneous, what makes them beautiful after all. I love the way textures combine. Lace is an unexpected detail. I love the contrast between effortless and elegant. […]

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La Chambre

This is where chaos comes to rest. Unbranded dress, Zara flower pin. Chanel sandals. Photography: Me. Model: Me. Styling: Me.

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Mini Collection

-Blossom- Pieces made by me and styled up by me. This is a H&M masculine shirt, size M exactly, cause I wanted it to be like a dress, on me of course, cause I’m tiny. I chose a palette of colors: silver, cerulean, white and orange. I made each flower from a silver fabric, inspired […]

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Outfit Of The Day

Getting to the end of the year. Everyone loves the fall, I guess. It’s all about dark colors and lovely accessories, except it’s still a kind of hot weather over here. But I still try my best.

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