The Universe in Me


Do you ever feel majestic? Not in a narcissistic way, but the of the magic inside you. And what about the future that Nicolas Ghesquiére claims on his new Louis Vuitton collection?

I think that we are hot and cold, up & down, close and yet so far. We shine, we struggle. We fall we get up, all this, in the middle of colors and art. Just like the universe.


Take it from my gorgeous dress from Zara Kids. Which could be a dark painting of Monet as well as a cluster of galaxies.

This belt makes any outfit special. Like the rings of Saturn.


Carey eyewear for a greater view. And never ever forget the accessories, the moons that revolve around you. I simply love my bracelets. Mac lipstick (Antique velvet), of course.

Lace and sparkles never looked so good.


I painted these booties. They’re so me.

Socks from Zara.


Model: Me.

Photography: Me.

Styling: Me.

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