All Hallows’ Even

Nasty Gal boots, they’re honestly not that cool ever since Sophia sold the company. Tragedy. Studio F pants, they shine. Zara Kids Jacket. Nine West leather blazer. Model: Me Photography: Me Styling: Me Inspiration: Ursina Gyisi

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I feel inside a painting. Somehow this skirt, which is a dress, captures the light like no other and it looks soo tragic, like those paintings of Caravaggio. So many feelings in a simple shade of color. I don’t know. She’s tragic. H&M Babydoll underneath, H&M gold dress, ballet shoes. Model: Me Photography: Me Styling: […]

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The Universe in Me

Do you ever feel majestic? Not in a narcissistic way, but the of the magic inside you. And what about the future that Nicolas GhesquiĆ©re claims on his new Louis Vuitton collection? I think that we are hot and cold, up & down, close and yet so far. We shine, we struggle. We fall we […]

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ParaĆ­so Artificial

Como todos los incautos llevo el signo de CaĆ­n y si alguien te hace daƱo sabrĆ© hacerle sufrir. Tengo un mapa del abismo escrito en una canciĆ³n y un agujero negro abierto en el corazĆ³n, pero cuando tĆŗ apareces se desvanece el dolor y no necesito a nadie porque sĆ©… que como todas las noches […]

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