The Adventure

 I want to have the last dream again.


The one where I wake up and I’m alive.


Just as the four walls close me within,

My eyes are woken up with pure sun light.


Even if your hope has burned with time,

Anything that’s dead shall be re-grow. And your vicious pain, your warning sign,




You will be fine.

Saying goodbye to these Ziggy Stardust kind platforms, I’m sure they were trendy at sometime. I only used one camera lens, which was interesting, and pure, I guess. I dyed my hair black for this photoshoot, and that is why my hands are blue. What a newbie.

I am feeling black. Not sad, just black. The black that gives you some kind of weird hope.

Adidas Jacket, Forever 21 Dress, Asos Platforms.


Model: Me.

Photography: Me

Styling: Me.

Inspiration: Angels And Airwaves.


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