so sad so sexy

I wait up. I don't wanna wait up Still I wait up, lonely in the canyon million dollar man. I'm crying diamonds  like a river inside & it's so sad so sexy Swimming pool, swimming pool Swimming pool, swimming pool I've been smoking I'm better alone than lonely Money, feelings, die. I keep my heart [...]

Se Está Cayendo el Cielo

Ahora estoy huyendo sobre un suelo mojado. Y ahora se pone a llover. Vuelvo a mi cama de siempre. El mismo llanto que me hizo llorar tanto tiempo, el mismo tiempo que perder. Y aquí se está cayendo el cielo, no tengo adónde ir, me duermo en cada esquina, están hechas para mí. Ahora no [...]


This Zara necklace is heavy AF, but you know, whatever. It's just one of those things, that they don't tell you when you buy the stuff. Which I find very ironic. Also, Sweater is not from Wildfox(My favorite brand), I'm not rich & it's secondhand. I bought it twice my size on purpose, so I [...]