This Zara necklace is heavy AF, but you know, whatever. It’s just one of those things, that they don’t tell you when you buy the stuff. Which I find very ironic.

Also, Sweater is not from Wildfox(My favorite brand), I’m not rich & it’s secondhand. I bought it twice my size on purpose, so I could use it as a dress. Isn’t it lovely?

Another proof that you don’t need to be rich to look gorg.


Legwear from H&M & Belt from Forever 21.



Zara sequin shoes. I just had to have them…I told my bff since they came out, but I waited until it was Sale, and once again, the universe was on my lovely artsy side.


I wasn’t really sure about the combination, but in the end…I just did what I felt, without any judgement or statement of the actual world. I thought…this is what makes it special…that it comes from within, you know?…’This is how I feel today’ & fuck everything else.





Most of the times, I had been crying before the photoshoot. Because my actual feelings are what drives me to express myself and let it out. I do it because I need to. I was really sad and maybe I was unconsciously¬†just tryna hide it behind my gold-ish hair(OMG that is SO Lana Del Rey). I imagined it was some kind of birthday party, maybe mine, which reminded me of the film ‘Virgin Suicides’, which brought me back to melancholy. And so it was…back and forth. But then I forced myself not to cry no more. I might of thought of some people that make me smile and my clothes, and my shoes, and the sparkling stars on my sweater, and the wonderful light. I looked at the sky several times, I just sighed. I realized I was daydreaming.

It is never easy, to put everything out here. Like some circus, for everyone to watch.

They don’t know it’s called art.

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